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The Foothills of Mt Shasta

The north of California heralded the end of my California road trip. What better way to leave this beautiful state than with a visit to the enigmatic Mt Shasta. Imposing and mysterious, Mt Shasta dominates the skyline for hundreds of miles. The last in a chain of dormant volcanoes, it’s snow covered peak towers above the

Bodie Ghost Town

Descending from the wilderness of Sequoia National Park and Yosemite, we made our way through the scrubland to a different kind of wild place. Nestled between the backbone of California and the plains of Nevada lies the isolated Bodie ghost town. Once home to countless brothels, saloons and murders, Bodie is a living relic that symbolises

The Canyons – Yosemite

Leaving the secluded King’s Canyon behind us, we rolled the van to California’s hotspot. Yosemite is what everyone expects – glorious but crowded. The busy valley offers spectacular vistas to El Capitan, Half Dome and Yosemite Falls, but there is more. To get a real sense of this national park, get onto the trails and

The Canyons – King’s Canyon

Few people travel to California without making the pilgrimage to Yosemite. Yet even fewer people make the time to visit it’s breathtakingly beautiful sister, King’s Canyon. Both these landscapes are pristine U-shaped valleys, covered in towering pine forests. We approached King’s Canyon one afternoon, driving down the magnificent Highway 180. It’s a winding mountain round that opens up

Moro Rock & Tokopah Falls

After exploring the majestic Sequoia groves, we climbed the 400 steps to reach the summit of Moro Rock, a granite dome that rises above the forests. We reached the top just before sunset, with views to the snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevadas. They slowly turned golden in the days final hours. We spent

Sequoia NP California

Bears & Giants, Sequoia National Park

The mountains of the Sierra Nevada are a welcome relief after the blistering heat of the Californian interior. Sequoia National Park is home to some of the largest trees in the world, the Sequoias. They are truly gargantuan. Their yearly bark renewal could form a 60ft tree with bark 1ft thick! The main road winds

California Big Sur

Plaskett Creek & Cambria

As I headed south from Big Sur, the misted mountains and lush forests gave way to golden grasslands and clear blue skies. For two days I drove up and down these winding cliff top roads, exploring charming towns and sunset beaches. We sipped coffee and wandered around craft shops in the little town of Cambria,

Big Sur California

Redwoods & Waterfalls, Big Sur

The further down Big Sur you go, the more dramatic and breathtaking the scenery becomes. Highway 1 snakes along the coast, with gut-wrenching drops and mind-blowing vistas of the great Pacific ocean. Keep an eye out for spouting whales on their annual migration route. Twice I had the honour of catching them on their journeys

Monterey Aquarium, California Roadtrip

After the magic of Big Sur, we wanted to visit one of the most famous aquariums in the world. Monterey Aquarium is a place that strikes the balance between tourism and real conservation perfectly. As well as being an educational centre, they helped to create the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary – a huge marine reserve which stretches

Big Sur California

Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur Roadtrip

First stop on our California road trip was the famous Big Sur coastline. Every cliched story you’ve heard about Big Sur is true. Majestic, wild and rugged, this is a place where mountains rise from the sea and redwoods tower towards the sky. I spent my time here hiking through forests and gazing out at

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