Moro Rock & Tokopah Falls

Moro Rock & Tokopah Falls

After exploring the majestic Sequoia groves, we climbed the 400 steps to reach the summit of Moro Rock, a granite dome that rises above the forests. We reached the top just before sunset, with views to the snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevadas. They slowly turned golden in the days final hours. We spent the night beneath a humbling starry sky, the constellations shimmering through the towering canopy. In the morning, I hiked from the campsite to Tokopah Falls, a thundering waterfall cascading over giant granite walls. The trail follows the Kaweah River upstream, through pine forests carpeted with wild flowers and fallen trees. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery half way there, so you’ll have to make the trip yourself to see the real magic!

Hiking to Tokopah Falls, Sequoia NP

Forest Streams near Tokopah Falls

Redwood Canopy, Sequoia National Park

View from Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park

Sierra Nevadas from Moro Rock, California

Moro Rock Viewpoint, California

Standing at the top of Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park

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