Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur Roadtrip

Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur Roadtrip

First stop on our California road trip was the famous Big Sur coastline. Every cliched story you’ve heard about Big Sur is true. Majestic, wild and rugged, this is a place where mountains rise from the sea and redwoods tower towards the sky. I spent my time here hiking through forests and gazing out at endless horizons. Standing on the cliff edge I spotted whales spouting in the vast Pacific, while eagles circled the warm winds as I climbed through the valley. Pfeiffer State Park is the first entry point to Big Sur for those arriving from the north.

Here you can climb to waterfalls and epic viewpoints, camping alongside Big Sur river as it makes it’s way to the ocean. Follow a winding path to Pfeiffer Beach, and you’ll be greeted to a rocky and windy cove. Here you’ll find giant dunes and sand that glistens purple. Watching the sun set here is magical, and for many, this is just the beginning of the adventures.

Big Sur Valley from Pfeiffer State Park Viewpoint

Redwoods in Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur, California

Sunlight through the Redwoods in Pfeiffer State Park

Big Sur River in Pfeiffer State Park, California

Archway Rock at Pfeiffer Beach, California

Pfeiffer Beach, Pfeiffer State Park, California

Girl on Pfeiffer Beach, Pfeiffer State Park, California

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Pfeiffer State Park Travel Diary