The Canyons – King’s Canyon

The Canyons – King’s Canyon

Few people travel to California without making the pilgrimage to Yosemite. Yet even fewer people make the time to visit it’s breathtakingly beautiful sister, King’s Canyon. Both these landscapes are pristine U-shaped valleys, covered in towering pine forests. We approached King’s Canyon one afternoon, driving down the magnificent Highway 180. It’s a winding mountain round that opens up to a mind-blowing vista around every corner.

The Kings River courses along the bottom of the valley, tumbling through rapids and over waterfalls. At the end of the road is nothing but wilderness. It’s a landscape that is only accessible to those with a sense of adventure and exploration. For those who don’t have time to trek into the canyon for days, there are plenty of short scenic walks. These can take you around meadows, past lakes and through forests, giving you a glimpse into this uncrowded and unspoilt corner of California. Please excuse the quality of the photos below. They are from my phone as my camera ran out of battery!

Standing in King's Canyon California

Alpine Meadow in King's Canyon California

River in King's Canyon California

Mountain River in Kings Canyon California

Waterfall in Kings Canyon California

Mountain Vista in Kings Canyon, California

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King's Canyon - California Road Trip