Redwoods & Waterfalls, Big Sur

Redwoods & Waterfalls, Big Sur

The further down Big Sur you go, the more dramatic and breathtaking the scenery becomes. Highway 1 snakes along the coast, with gut-wrenching drops and mind-blowing vistas of the great Pacific ocean. Keep an eye out for spouting whales on their annual migration route. Twice I had the honour of catching them on their journeys along this coast.

Opposite the entrance to Julia Pfeiffer State Park is the home of one of the most photographed spots along Big Sur. A glance over the barrier reveals a turquoise lagoon, with a waterfall cascading onto the sand from the cliffs above. This is Mcway Falls, and makes a magical stop before heading onto the trails through the redwood canyons. Sheltering you from the heat of the overhead sun, the canopy soars above you and streams cascade down from the mountains. This was one of those places where you feel tiny, humble and just in awe of everything around you.

McWay Falls on Big Sur, California

Big Sur Coastline - Mcway Falls

Hiking in the redwoods in Big Sur

Big Sur Redwood Forests

Big Sur Redwood Canyons

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