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Exploring Tegallalang Rice Terraces

You’ve probably seen the Tegallalang rice terraces all over Instagram, and for good reason! They’re a hop, skip and a jump from Ubud centre, and are a breath of fresh air from the bustle of the town. We had been cooped up for a few days, and it was so good to get outside and

Monkeying Around in Ubud

The little monkey looked at Ben with a glint in his eye, before leaping around him, grabbing onto his backpack and hauling himself onto Ben’s shoulders. He tried to open zips and rummaged around in pockets, knowing exactly where to put his sneaky little hands. When he realised there was no food, off he leapt to

… when you find paradise

I can’t tell you how much I love our guest house in Ubud. It’s the most perfect slice of paradise and we have been so lucky to have it to ourselves for the past 10 days. As soon as you leave the road, you walk down a little winding path, woodland on one side and

Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud

Working on the road means that even when we’re in places with a million and one things to do, sometimes we have to get our heads down and push through the emails. This week has been one of those weeks. I also came down with a sore throat and a bad cough, and we had to

Ubud Palace & Rice Fields

It’s 5am and there is an absolute raucous outside. Over the sound of the torrential rain, a symphony of frogs and crickets are bringing the rice terraces to life. When the alarm rings at 7am, it’s all I can do to roll over and cuddle back into bed. The early morning work will have to

Wooden Doorways, Ubud

From the lights of Seminyak, to the forests of Ubud

Firstly, sorry that it’s been so long since my last post. The lure of coastal Bali, with it’s nice restaurants, bars and our pool have kept us completely wrapped up in our own world. The past week has disappeared beneath our feet, and I can’t believe seven days have gone by! What can I say about Seminyak?

Hello to Island Life!

Well, we have arrived in Bali! The land of palm trees, white sands and crystal waters. Almost. I know Bali is tourist-stricken and not the idyllic paradise it once was, but after the mayhem of Java, it feels like paradise. We had a 4am alarm to catch our Bali flight, and we left Yogyakarta in

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