… when you find paradise

… when you find paradise

I can’t tell you how much I love our guest house in Ubud. It’s the most perfect slice of paradise and we have been so lucky to have it to ourselves for the past 10 days. As soon as you leave the road, you walk down a little winding path, woodland on one side and rice fields on the other. There are cows grazing just in the tree line, and sometimes you see chickens hiding in the bushes too. As you reach the guesthouse, you’ll see the lotus pond at the front, usually with frogs croaking away and goldfish nibbling at the lily pads. The doorway into Sri Sunari is guarded by two statues, and as you push open the wooden gates, you’re greeted by lush green leaves, cool, fresh air and usually a butterfly or two.

Our veranda is large and spacious, looking out over the garden and the pool. Beneath us is a small fish pond, with a fountain that keeps us company into the night. Each morning when we wake up, we sit out here and listen to the cicadas. Ketut, our host, makes us breakfast and brings it to us with a big smile. He is one of the best things about this place. Warm, friendly, generous and has made us feel completely at home here. Once we’ve eaten, I sometimes go for a walk in the garden. I’ve lost count of how many butterflies dance in the flowers or over the pineapple bush. The garden is full of Balinese artefacts and statues, while just over the wall lies the rice terraces, surrounded by palm trees. The pool is warm but fresh, perfect for cooling off after a walk into town for lunch.

Tomorrow we fly to Kuala Lumpur for two days, and I’m saddest to be leaving this place most of all.

The guesthouse is a 10 minute walk to Ubud centre, and is on AirBnB here 

The front garden

Sri Sunari

Morning mist just clearing over the terraces

The lotus pond out the front

Sri Sunari

Doorway Guardians

Looking out from the guesthouse

Mr Mythical Lion

Think this was a monkey statue

Plumeria blossoms

The veranda

Quiet mornings

Not a bad office!

Jungle vibin’

Evening swims

The garden

The most photogenic pool.. & perfect for morning swims

Hindu shrine in the far corner of the garden

Little Buddha watching over the guesthouse

Pathway to the main road and Ubud centre