Winter Seas at Whitsand Bay

There are so many reasons why I love living near Whitsand Bay in Cornwall. Getting blown around the beach on blustery winter days is definitely one of them. The sea hides the seasons well. There are no trees with bare branches, no mud churned fields to give away signs of frost and hard ground. It may be cold, but when the sun is out and the wind dies down, you could almost imagine it’s a fresh Spring day.

We took these photos back in February when it was so windy the sea had been churned into thick foam. It coated the rocks and flew through the air like snow. We had the beach to ourselves, wandering beneath the cliffs until our ears ached from the cold. We managed to catch the last silvery rays of the afternoon sun, looking particularly glorious over the cliffs as we made our way back to the car.

Foam on the beach at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Ben walking on the beach at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Red Vans and pebbles on the beach

Winter days at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Windy days at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Sea foam on the rocks at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Lots of sea foam at Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

View from the cliffs over Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

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  • What a beautiful beach! I love adventuring in nature when it’s warmer and easier to get out of the house but there’s something about it in the colder months – it seems to come alive with the intense weather. Love these photos!

    • Chesca

      Oh I’m the same, it’s so much nicer in warmer weather! I’m so much happier now it’s Spring and the sun is out. But I do love the wildness of the ocean in the winter. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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