Into the Woods

It was a warm and humid late September evening. I’d spent the day lazing around and decided to take my camera out for a 10 minute stroll down by the river. I live in a beautiful part of the world, but there’s so much on my doorstep that I haven’t even begun to explore. That all changed when my 10 minutes turned into a 3 hour adventure along the River Dart.

From sun drenched woodland to cooling river dips, it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. As I followed the river towards the sleepy village of Staverton, families played on the banks and lovers lay in the long grass, the quiet peace of the evening only disturbed by the sound of crickets and the chugging of the steam train that passed by. The landscape here feels so old and wild, where delicate orchids bloom underneath imposing pine forests, with an interior so dark it’s impossible to see inside.

I took off my shoes and went barefoot, feeling the land change from dry, sandy grass to to semi-dried clay and crunching leaves. As the light began to fade I decided to return home, feeling recharged and relaxed, despite the aching legs and sore feet!


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