Taman Sari Water Palace

Today has been a hot day. Somewhere near 36 degrees, making exploring a little difficult. We spent the best part of the morning walking around Taman Sari, an old Sultanates Royal Garden and bathing complex. It reminded me of something from Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, with dilapidated buildings and two bright blue swimming pools. It was pretty enough, but the highlight for me was strolling around the tiny pedestrian streets that surrounded the water palace. Trees and flowers crawling up buildings, locals milling about their business, it really was charming.

We worked during the afternoon, before making our way to a beautiful vegetarian restaurant called Milas. Walking through the gates you’re greeted with a blanket of green leaves, bamboo seating and a small fountain. Idyllic and peaceful, this was exactly the kind of place we needed to find. We haven’t really stopped since we left London, and to just sit here and think about where we are and what we’re doing was pretty special. I enjoyed a delicious satay tempeh, while Ben had a tempeh burger. Now we’re back in our room just chilling, planning the next leg of adventures.


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