Merrivale Stone Circle, Dartmoor

Merrivale Stone Circle, Dartmoor

One of the things I love about Dartmoor is the history of the place. Humans have settled here for over 10,000 years, and the landscape has the highest concentration of neolithic stone circles, stone rows, cairns and burial mounds in the whole of England. One of these ancient sites can be found just outside the hamlet of Merrivale, set up high on the moor. These photos are from about a year ago when I came up here one evening after work. There’s a beautiful 8ft standing stone, called a menhir, that dominates the complex. Circling this lies the small but beautiful Merrivale stone circle. To the north of this is one of the most complete stone row avenues in the UK. I love the contrast between the wild moors and this relic of an old civilisation, whose rites and rituals are a complete and utter mystery to us.

Sunset at Merrivale Stone Circle, Dartmoor

The Menhir, or Standing Stone, at Merrivale Stone Circle

Wild Dartmoor from the Merrivale Stone Complex

Merrivale Stone Row - The most complete neolithic stone row in the UK

Sunset at Merrivale Stone Row, Dartmoor

Merrivale Stone Row, Dartmoor - the most complete neolithic stone row in the UK

Merrivale Stone Circle and Standing Stone, Dartmoor

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Merrivale Stone Circle & Complex, Dartmoor