Exploring Caves & Waterfalls

Exploring Caves & Waterfalls

There are a lot of photos on this post! I filmed a lot on the GoPro and lots of these are screenshots taken from the footage. 

We’re slightly burned, a little exhausted, but we finally made it to some water. And it felt so good! The day began with some cave tubing. We hired a guide and floated along through Pindul Cave, a cave with an underground river, the early morning giving us the luxury of having it pretty much to ourselves. Stalactites descended from the ceiling, some almost touching the water. Hundreds of bats lined the ceiling and their squawks and fluttering of wings accompanied us as we went into the pitch black. Crystals were growing on some stalactites, and they shimmered in the torchlight. Eventually, we made it to a clearing where the morning sun streamed through an opening in the roof. Here, we went for a little swim, jumping off the rocks and enjoying the cool water on our skin.

We swam our way out of the cave, before boarding a rickety old trailer to the lazy River Oyo. Back on our dingys, we floated through a small river gorge, the blue water dancing with sunlight, swallows, dragonflies and butterflies. We even spotted an iguana sunning himself on the banks. Waterfalls trickled and cascaded down the rock walls, and we splashed and played around to cool down in the lunchtime heat.

Pindul Cave and the River Oyo were beautiful, but they had nothing on the waterfall that is Sri Gethuk. A short drive and a small boat ride away, we reached these much loved falls in the blaze of the afternoon sun. Two huge waterfalls poured down into pools that were just made for lazing and swimming. The water was clear, rainbows danced in the spray and we happily wiled away a couple of hours in this little slice of paradise. I can’t think of a better way to cool off in the sultry Javan summer.