An English Summer’s Day – Walks around Totnes

An English Summer’s Day – Walks around Totnes

It’s easy to fall in love with the South West. A lush, dense tree canopy enveloped me as beams of sunlight streamed through the leaves. There are so many secret footpaths that lead from towns into the middle of nowhere. They wind behind schools and over fields, past gardens and into pine forests. This one began in my home of Totnes.

This footpath led me from the bustling town towards the sleepy village of Ashprington, snaking through woodland as the River Dart meandered below. For a quick walk to clear your mind, it doesn’t really get better than this. The path twists and turns, revealing vistas of rolling hills and forested valleys, the river glinting as it winds its way towards the sea. You might come across the odd dog walker, perhaps a jogger, but what you get here is space. It’s tranquil, it’s peaceful and it’s really beautiful.

Footpath just leaving Totnes

Summer hedgerow in Totnes

Holloway in Totnes Walk

Large oak tree, Totnes footpaths

Ferns on the path - Totnes to Ashprington

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Totnes to Ashprington Video