My Eco Skincare Routine for Travel

My Eco Skincare Routine for Travel

For anyone that used to read my old blog (wahoo!), you might remember that I wrote about natural beauty, skincare and well being. I might have stopped blogging about those things regularly, but I am still 100% about that life. When I go travelling in particular, I need a skincare routine that’s lightweight, no fuss and easy to take halfway around the world with me. I like to choose cruelty free, natural products that are full of the good stuff, are kind to my skin and even kinder to the planet.


Konjac sponges are my go-to when I’m travelling. They are lightweight, so easy to use and really effective at cleansing your face. Made from natural vegetable fibres, they are infused with different types of clay depending on your skin type. I use green clay for my combination skin, but you can find red clay for dry skin, pink clay for sensitive skin etc. The sponge texture gently exfoliates your skin without being abrasive, leaving it feeling soft and clean. All you need to do is wet it with water! I can take it anywhere – even wild camping – and use it easily. It weighs next to nothing, so I can take a few of these in my backpack and not worry about weight. I swear by it.


Travelling can take a serious toll on your skin! Humid air, dry air-conditioned rooms, early morning flights, disrupted sleep patterns – the stresses you put on your skin when you travel never seem to end. I need a moisturiser that can handle that kind of lifestyle without being heavy or too rich. That’s where Green People’s Vita Min Fix comes in. It’s specifically designed for stressed and tired skin, and is enriched with evening primrose, sandalwood and avocado. Oh, it’s vegan and 89% organic too! I love how velvet-smooth this leaves my skin, calming down any inflammation and keeping it super hydrated.


Even though the Konjac sponge is a great way to cleanse, I don’t use it to take off my make up. For that, I simply use unrefined, 100% organic coconut oil. It dissolves stubborn mascara and nourishes the skin around my eyes too. I don’t use a particular brand, just whatever I can pick up when I’m away. I just rub it into my eyes and remove it with a flannel. I ALWAYS use these over muslin cloths. They are so much sturdier and actually feel like they get dirt and grime off my face.

I also use some travel sized goodies from a Neal’s Yard kit that I absolutely love. I really hope they continue this because it’s such great value for money and the items you get are perfect for being on the move. The kit includes their Wild Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Face Mask, Beauty Sleep Concentrate and White Tea Facial Mist, all in travel size minis. I use the beauty balm as an extra deep cleanser, maybe once a week. It lasts forever this way, and I just use a flannel to take it off. My skin feels SO soft after using this, I love it. The facial mist is so refreshing to use after a hot day in the sun. I might take a full size one of these on my next trip, as the mist is perfect to use throughout the day too. The beauty sleep concentrate is meant to be used before moisturiser, so I use this on the days I’m giving my skin some extra loving, usually when I use the beauty balm. The face mask doesn’t get used that often, but it’s really nice to have this so I can have a pamper evening when I feel like it, even 12,000 miles from home.

And that’s it! I’ve written a lot for what is essentially a very basic skincare routine. I only use coconut oil, a Konjac sponge and moisturiser on the daily. Once a week I’ll use the beauty balm to deep clean my skin and maybe use the concentrate. Other than that, good food, plenty of water and a good night’s sleep are your skin’s best friends.